Open line Friday! Today was sort of a laid back open line Friday but that doesn't mean there weren't any interesting calls. Richie and I talked a little about the Randy Travis story and got a lot of calls in his support.

I'm sure you heard the story that Randy was found drunk and naked in the road after crashing his car, he then threatened the police who came to the scene. All in all he is in a whole lot of trouble. I lamented on the air a little that I just don't know what happens sometimes, one minute you are on top of the world the next, everything falls apart.

The interesting part of it all is that Richie told me there were some Country radio stations talking about not playing his music. I just never really understood that whole process, not with the Dixie Chicks, Hank Jr. or with this situation. Our listeners called in and had their take on it, I wonder what yours is.

Take a listen to the calls and tell me what you think, just leave your comments at the bottom of this page.