You've heard the story, right?  Maybe you mis-remembered.  I'll capsulize it below, and then we'd like to know how you feel.

According to Legal,  NBC News anchor Brian Willaims supposedly embellished a story about him being shot down in a helicopter during the Iraq War.  Turns out he was BEHIND the chopper.

I guess he's been telling this tall tale for the past decade.  In fact it came up during a Rangers game, as shown in this video

Maybe this is an example of what happens when you lie about something once and then you have to stick with your story to avoid embarrassment.   As time goes on you just end up almost believing it yourself.

The big question though is - should he be fired?  It's a simple Yes or No, so please leave it in the comment section and we'll add up the results.  (We won't lie about the outcome).