The "Daily Dilemma" on the Sean and Richie Show is featured every weekday morning at 6:40am. We and the listeners take on someone's problems and try to offer different perspectives. Now, these don't have to be huge problems- it could just be something bothering you or a friend, or it could be some little thing you and another just can't agree on. If you have a dilemma to share we'd love to hear it just e-mail us here at the show.

Here is today's dilemma:

I'm a 38 year old guy who just got out of a 7 year relationship about 6 months ago. When my ex and i first got together, i had to tell her that i have an std, i have genital herpes. This was the hardest thing i have ever had to do, but i knew i cared about her and had a responsibility to tell her. She chose to stay with me because she cared about me and we both thought this was it and we would be together forever. After a while we stopped using protection all together. Fast forward to today.... she fell out of love and ended our relationship. She began dating a new man who i know socially, a couple months ago. She claims that she is going to be tested for STD's and will in fact tell him if she is positive but she believes she is clean. My problem is this - after 7 years together i KNOW her. She says things that people want to hear. I have no doubt that she will not get tested, and my worry is that he will contract this disease unknowingly. So i am having a moral dilema. Do i tell this guy that I have it and be clear that i don't know if she has it or not, but that he should be careful and know or do i just let the chips fall where they may. I know if i say something to him any hope of a friendship or anything between her and i will be completely over - she will hate me. But i find it very difficult to sit back and watch someone do this to another human being deliberately. Also i have heard there are legal ramifications if you knowingly do not provide information to someone in a case like this. I'm looking forward to your thoughts.