Grumpy.  That's me.  I don't make excuses for it, I am what I am.  God knows that it gets worse in the middle of winter.  The last thing you want to do is talk to me when I'm standing at a gas pump in sub zero weather freezing my butt off while I pay "the man" too much for his gas. 

I'm getting angry just thinking about it.  And to top it off once New Year's is over there are no good holidays left 'til Easter.  I know its Valentine's Day, don't get me started on that made up ridiculous holiday , I could go on a big rant with that. But I wont.

Not today. Today aint nothing gonna breaka my stride, no body's  gonna slow me down.  Oh no.  Because today I heard an angel speak to me.  It wasn't really an angel per se, it was actually Selena our marketing director here  at the radio ranch.  But the words that she uttered seemed angelic to me.  They were words that make all of a man's worries fall away.  When you hear them, nothing else matters just love, desire, and passion.  She simply said, "Oh I heard the Shamrock Shake is back!

That's right it's back.  As I understand it, someone on her facebook has actually already partaken of the sweet minty nectar that is a springtime tradition.  I am so jealous. And at this moment the only thing that stands between me and the cold green cup of deliciousness is finishing this blog. Yet, I must confess, I am scared.

There is one very big drawback to this yearly visitor.  And isn't there always a catch?  The catch with the Shamrock Shake is this, "for a limited time, while supplies last".  I can't explain to a non- Shamrocker, what this means. You just wont understand.  But what happens early on with the Shamrock Shake is , not all of the stores have it up and running right away.  I just don't know what I'll do if I get to that drive through and they tell me they don't have any.  This is just the worst feeling of all.  To get that close to the top of the mountain just to have an unexpected avalanche take you back to the start. SO depressing.  Then of course after things get rolling its " Oh I'm so sorry, we are out of Shamrock Shake right now."  WHAT?? How can you be out, did you not know that there would be a rush on these things?  Do you not have the sales numbers from last year?  UGH.  So I sit and wonder should I take the risk. I just don't know if I can take that kind of blow today.

Now, if you think I am crazy, you would totally be right.  But I am not alone. I'm sure there are a few of you out there , who like me has been disappointed in previous years.  You like me, missed your opportunity and resorted to scouring the Internet to find a "at home" shamrock shake recipe. Only to go through all the work to have some lame substitute that in no way resembles the real thing. Maybe it really does have shamrocks in it?  There is even a website that people use to track this elusive gem's availability. WWW.  Alas, at my last check, there is not a local store listed.

So if I go on the quest today, I am flying blind.  I am reaching for the holy grail in hopes that it is not just an illusion of a tired mind.  Should I risk heartbreak for just a chance at love?  I just don't know.  I will let you know tomorrow on the air I guess if I got my Shamrock Shake , or if I even tried. But either way, please my friends, keep me in your thoughts.

God Bless.