Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

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I met this girl a few months ago and we really hit it off. The only problem is I am really feeling taken advantage of.

EVERY TIME we go out, she never brings money...and then half the time when she does get to a bank machine, she always says that one didn't work. I have seen her bank balance and its way higher than mine, so that is definitely not the problem.

I personally am generous to a fault, but I have always had friends who reciprocate, and when they do I sure appreciate it but now I am just fed up with this.

I even won 2 tickets for this really cool event worth $100 bucks took her, and she STILL didn't bring money for cab even. She said "How are we getting there cause I didn't bring any money". And not even once did she say Thank you.

I am at a point where I really like hanging out with her, but at the same time is having a fun party buddy worth being used and feeling like this?

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