Is this really from the recent meteor strike Siberia or some old regurgitated video clip of something else?  I'll let you be the judge. 

I'm sure you all are aware by now what happened.  A meteor the size of a school bus struck in a province in Siberia. According to the New York it has now injured over 1200 people, including many, many school children.  Of course, I was dying to see video, weren't you?

First, check out this  from YouTube.

I will admit. I bought it hook, line and sinker.  The only thing that did cross my mind, however, was "why was it burning like that?"  Be that as it may, it never crossed my mind that this was a fake, or at least from another event.   If you see the comments, one woman said that this has been up on YouTube since 2008.  I guess they were drilling in Uzbekistan and found an underground cavern, and this was the video.   I guess it shows how gullible I am.

This was the more official video from the New York Times via YouTube

"Hey, it was on the web, so it had to be true, right?"   Lesson of the day? Always check your sources.  What did you think of this horrific event?