There's a new video making the rounds on YouTube of a Sheriff's Deputy upholding the letter of the law and standing up to the TSA right here at the Albany International Airport.

Ashley Jessica and Jason Bermas visit Albany International on Black Friday while shooting a video to educate people about opting out of dangerous body scanners and filming intrusive pat downs.

I'm not here to discuss whether you should or shouldn't opt out. I am not here to tell you my thoughts on the accuracy of the scanners or even how invasive I think the pat downs have become. I am posting this to thank a man in a position of authority who knows the law and took the time to hear both sides of the issue before he made his judgement. It's easy in this day and age to see to young people such as Ashley and Jason handing out flyers and videotaping and label them trouble makers. But that's not what Sheriff's Deputy Stan Lenic does. He assesses the situation and handles himself with calm dignity. Nice work! Here is the uncut 13:25 minute video so you can make your own call.