Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

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Hey Guys,

I have been with my girlfriend for about 2 years, we have lived together for a year and, in my mind hopefully will be engaged soon. We have never really had a big disagreement until now.

Here's the deal, I am in business but I have also loved and worked on cars my whole life. This works out nicely because I am currently fixing my girlfriend's car after her second accident since I've been with her. We decided not to report this latest one to avoid higher insurance rates.

While her car has been out of commission she has been getting rides from friends and family to work and we usually go other places together so I drive. Now, I have to go away for a week for work and she said, "Great, I can just drive your car while you're gone." This led to a bit of a fight in which she accused me of loving a car more than I love her, etc.

I don't believe that's true but I have a classic Mustang that I have worked on for years, I have put lots of time and money into it and I have gotten it to very good condition. I do LOVE my car and the truth is, I don't mind letting her drive the car when we are together but I just don't feel comfortable giving the keys to her for the whole week while I'm gone.

Am I out of line here?

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