As a pizza lover, I never need an excuse to grab a slice of pizza at a local establishment. But, I certainly don't complain when there is a day devoted to one of the greatest foods of all time.

September 5th has been named National Cheese Pizza Day. It's certainly a great excuse to not cook and order out at your favorite pizzeria! I am not really picky as to where I get my pizza but I do have a few places that I love to stop at.

This Pizzeria has numerous locations, but I stop on occasion to the Central Ave. shop. Nothing like a good slice of NYC style pizza.

The name of the place is exactly what they make. It's located on my way home, so being the bachelor that I am I stop there on my way home from work to grab a slice or 2.

They have been winners at Pizza Wars and named #3 in the entire country, so you can guarantee a fantastic pizza every time!

They were established in 1994 and have a number of locations in the Albany area. There is a reason for expansion. Some good damn pizza!

A little pizzeria in my little hometown of Burnt Hills. It will always have a place in my heart. My family and I ordered many a pizza for our weekly pizza night from Dino's.

We all have our favorite places to go for pizza, whether it's cheese or full of toppings. What is your favorite pizzeria?