Self-serve beer machines are making their way to Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins! Just in time for the All Star Game.

Sounds amazing!  No more long lines waiting for someone else to pour your beer. Well, I am not sure it will really decrease the wait time for drinks, but here's how it will work. Customers will show their ID to a cashier and purchase a prepaid card to use in the machine. You then approach the machine, pick your beer and it will brew right in your cup.

Customers can choose from four Anheuser-Busch selections, starting at $.38 per ounce. This makes each beer less than $5!  I think that's a lot cheaper too!

You will be able to purchase 48 ounces per card every 15 minutes. You will be cut off if you seem intoxicated, same rule if purchasing from the concession stand as well.

Check it out:

So what do you think? The machines debuted on Sunday and one more will be added for the All Star game. If the machines are as popular as they are hoping, we could see them at more stadiums across the country.

Do we like this idea?