A couple that missed a Blake concert back in September because of an accident got the surprise of their lives Thursday.

Blake Shelton is going to personally make sure they see the concert they missed! Here is the back story according to the Putnam Daily Voice: Lindsay Baker and Jonathon Daniels, a couple from Westchester County, were supposed to see Blake in September for Lindsay's birthday but missed the show when Jonathon was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.  So when he got out of the hospital Jonathon wrote a letter to Blake, asking for help to make good on his promise to take his girlfriend to see Blake for her birthday.

The letter eventually got posted to social media, went viral and then this happened on Thursday:

You and I know Blake is just a good dude, and this just reinforces that. This couple must have been so surprised and excited about this! And now they will get to go to any Blake show they want, and get to meet him too.