It sounds like an amazing opportunity to spread love and joy this holiday season and I'll start by saying that there are some people that are being truly legit about it. In some cases, it involves women boosting other womens confidence and pushing them to reach their goals and otherwise. But most of the time, it's the exact opposite and it's just getting you to spend money.

A lot of these posts start the same, asking women to participate in a gift exchange in which you only have to purchase one $10 or more gift and send it to one "secret sister." And while it could seem almost like a Secret Santa, they state that when all is said and done, for the one gift you've sent, you'll receive 36! Sounds a little too good to be true, right?

Police are reacting to this as well, encouraging people not to participate even if they do feel as if they're doing it for the right reasons. In fact, they say it could even be illegal to participate within it. In fact here is a Facebook post from the Cookeville, TN Police Department: