Starbucks!  You heard me.  Starbucks!  Hell, it's a Beautiful Existence! (What a coincidence- that's also her actual name!) Yes,you see - Beautiful (that's her first name - I'm not flirting) has a blog.  It's called One Year Of My where she takes on a different challenge every year.  This time it was to eat nothing but the food sold at Starbucks.  She started this adventure on Jan 1, 2013 and she made it.

According to the New York Daily News she spent almost $600 a month sometimes on starbucks sandwiches, nuts, teas etc.

Here's more of the story from YouTube.

One good thing though.  They really don't have any deep fried food, so it really wasn't that bad for you! .  For those of you who continue to ask "Why?", you can get a detailed explanation from her blog.  (I think she has bigger things to explain to us - like the  NAME thing, but that's just me!)

If you could survive on just one fast food chain for a year, what would it be? Would love to know!