I was talking to Levack the other day about the headlines, I mentioned it seems there is always a story about some idiot who should never have been allowed to have children. I said, you know I bet you could find at least one a week, thus, this experiment. Seeing that we had the conversation on Friday and I found this story when I came in today it sure does look like I was right.

Last Friday Catalina Clouser of Phoenix was at the park with her boyfriend and her one month old baby. Sounds like good family fun i know, but they were there to drink and smoke pot. At some point they realized they were out of beer and decided to get some more, that's when the boyfriend was pulled over and arrested for DUI.

I guess the cops thought Catalina was OK because they left her with the car and the baby. She then went to a friend's house to smoke some more pot. When she left the friend's house she put the car seat with her one month old inside, on the roof of the car and drove off!

The car seat fell off the roof of the car and somehow, the baby wasn't hurt. At least they make good quality car seats. Catalina did not realize until she got home what she had done and when she got back she was promptly arrested by the police who were there investigating reports of an abandoned baby, IN THE STREET!

The baby is now with protective services.