This week we feature a Father in our "Parent Of The Week" story. His name wasn't released but he is a 29 year old Father from Cottondale, Alabama.

All of us who are parents understand that it is just hard to find a babysitter these days. More often than not, something comes up that is really important and you just can't find a sitter. This is the situation our hero found himself in last Sunday night.

Imagine you have an important date but you also have a baby and no babysitter. Well I suppose most would cancel their plans and try another night , but not our hero, he figured why not just bring the baby along, after all he was already paying a lot for this date anyway. That's right he was going to a motel to meet a prostitute.

As far as I can tell from the story she wasn't upset about the extra company coming along but the two did argue about payment before anything actually took place. I guess they agreed to $100. but she wanted more. This is when her pimp came in and settled matters himself by pulling a gun and taking a shot at the guy.

Our hero then sprang into action , grabbed the baby and locked himself in the bathroom. He and the baby are now both fine although the bullet did graze out hero's skull.

He is facing child endangerment charges and the baby is with Child Services.