Another whistle stop for the Sean and Richie Show - this time it's the South 30 Diner in Amsterdam.

South 30 Diner

I hope this is the right place!  I "drove" down Route 30 via Google Earth and this is what it showed me.  If so, I'm diggin' it!  The smaller, the more "local" the better. That's the whole idea of the Small Town Tour.

We don't want to go to no chain store breakfast place!  We want to experience the local "flavor" of the area, literally!

But we don't want to do it alone!  We'd love to see you there this Friday as we broadcast the show LIVE - brought to you by Fidelis Care.

Come on down!  We'll even have an open mic if you'd like to tell a joke, sing, dance, plug your charity - whatever!

I'll even sing the song live that I wrote for your town from Your Town Thursday.

(You might even get a chance to win tickets to our Secret Star Acoustic Jam at Proctors on Nov. 24. Want to know who's coming? I'll give you a hint - they're country stars. That's all I know!)