It was a cold and stormy afternoon.  Sean and Bethany were forced to stay late at the office.  What happened next was foreseeable, but unfortunate.

Bethany's car didn't start.  She recently moved to Albany from Tampa, Florida and her 7 year old car battery would have liked to stay in the sunshine.  So it quit working.

She should have seen it coming.  A few times over the course of the last couple of weeks, the car has had some trouble starting.

She hitched a ride with Levack last week, and just yesterday morning, her husband had to jump her car before work.

So, yesterday when she just couldn't get moving, Sean, being the sweet co-host that he is, grabbed Bethany's jumper cables, opened up his hood, and hooked it up!  Thanks to a little transferred juice, Bethany was soon charged up and ready to go!

When Bethany's husband found out what had happened, he left immediately.

He went to the parts store and picked up a new battery.  He couldn't let Sean and Levack be the only men that saved her day.

Now, Bethany's car starts as soon as you turn the key!

Happy ending!