I don't know why it happens but every once in a while I just have to go on a rant, this morning was one of those times. It seems to me that for too long we have been too negative in this country. The recent election seems to have brought the anger, discontent and hatred to an all time high and I for one am just tired of it.

The reason is simply fear.

I blame social media, and in some cases the mainstream media. We really need to give ourselves a break from the negativity, the fear, and hatred. Social media for adults does the same thing to us as if my 6 year old watched scary movies all day and then tried to go to sleep when he found himself alone n a dark room. Naturally he is sure that there are monsters under his bed. I know there is no monster, YOU know there is no monster but he needs to be reassured anyway.

I guess in my own silly way I am trying to reassure you and myself that there are no monsters under the bed. Everything is going to be ok.

After I said what I had to say early this morning many people asked if I would share it, ironically enough on social media so they could share it with their friends so here you go...