This weekend I was so saddened to hear the news of Ric's passing. I'm not sure where I'd be right now without his talents and warmth in the early years of the Sean and Richie Show.

Ric was always there with a smile and I think my favorite thing about him was that he never ever minded being the target of some good old-fashioned teasing.

He was a newsman that sounded like he truly took himself and the news too seriously but in reality he was just the opposite. I could go on and on with great memories of him both on and off the air, I think my favorite of both was when he talked about dressing his son up for Halloween as "the boy with his finger in the dyke." If you remember that one you know just how funny it was and how perfectly "Ric" the story was.

Sean and Richie Show

This morning we took some time and sort of did a makeshift tribute to our old friend and for those who may have missed it , I'd like to share it with you again. If you remember the show from back then, it should bring back some fond memories of Ric, if you never heard him perhaps it will make you wish you had.

Here is part two of this mornings "Ric tribute."

Thank you Ric for all the good memories, I will always be able to hear your rich voice in my head saying, "...and I'm Ric Robinson.....WGNA  News."