It's always interesting walking in to the studio just after the Sean and Richie Show. The guys are known for having a good time every morning, and sometimes they leave behind evidence of a great show.

As I walked in to the studio to kick-off the WGNA Workforce at 9am, I stumbled upon this interesting object sitting on the studio controls. At first I was afraid to touch it, even though it smelled great. Upon further inspection I assumed it had to be one of four things.

1. A historic instrument from the Richie Phillips collection (pre-1950s).

2. Something from under Jeff Levack's couch (probably from watching the Super Bowl).

3. Sean McMaster's attempt at cooking Andrea 'The Coupon Lady' dinner.

4. Something Jake Thomas won in a bet at a North Country bar or Elks Lodge.

What is this strange object left behind from the Sean and Richie show? Let's have a caption contest or simply just take a guess by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below.

(Perhaps Sean and Richie were just being nice and leaving me lunch? Probably not. LOL)