So last week our producer Dave was huddled in this little studio for some time working on something that I could only assume was funny because I saw him laughing out loud to himself through the window. He didn't tell me what he was doing but it wasn't long before I got the finished product e mailed to me. It was his version of "Unnecessary Censorship" a bit you may have seen on Jimmy Kimmel or if you are old enough even remember from my nighttime radio show,  "Cryin , Lovin' , or Leavin'" on WGNA. 

The concept is pretty simple you take a stream of audio and you "bleep" out completely normal and mundane words to make it sound like whatever was said was actually "dirty" , but of course wasn't. the results usually go somewhere from funny to hysterical.

Now here is the problem, even though the words that are bleeped out are perfectly normal clean words, the resulting product can seem a bit racy and suggestive. Bethany thinks it is almost too "dirty". My argument is how can it be? Even if your mind makes it filthy the key is, it is your mind that is making it that way. Right?

So I will leave it to you, funny? or too racy? If you say it is over the top I will tell him to stop making them, if you all think its funny and want more well who am I to argue right?

Take a listen and let me know what you think: