When you think about really cool things that kids get to do that adults don't, Trick or Treating will definitely make your list!  I mean I totally wish I could still go around and ring doorbells and collect candy, but it's kind of not a thing that adults can do.

You know what, though... it's not a thing that all kids get to do, either.  Kids who spend Halloween in the hospital don't get to go trick or treating.  And that just plain old sucks.

So, Sean, Richie and I thought we would do something to try and make it a little easier for the kids at Albany Med to get through Halloween without trick or treating.  We decided to take the treats to them!  We took arts and crafts supplies, toys, books, and even temporary tattoos!

Richie couldn't make it the day we went, so that's why you won't see Robin with his friends Batman and Joker.

We hope the kids enjoy the goodies we picked out for them as much as we enjoyed shopping and delivering them!

A big thank you to Nick Kessler, our Promotions Director for arranging our visit and helping us shop!  And to Jess Hudson for her expert videography skills!