The board game you love to hate, Scrabble, just added a bunch of words to their official dictionary.

They said they wanted to be more modern, but I think they're just and excuse to use the Z, X, Q, and K.

Here are the five worst additions . . .

1.  Qajaq . . . which means "kayak."

2.  Coqui . . . a small frog.

3.  Qigong . . . a Chinese exercise system.

4.  Yuzu . . . a Japanese fruit.

5.  Buzzkill.  You know . . . when someone makes everyone else bummed out.


A couple of "new" words were also added -

chillax, frenemy, hashtag, mixtape, selfie, Sudoku, texter, vlog, and webzine.

There, feel free to reference this article the next time your Grandma tries to guilt you into playing Scrabble!

Good luck!

Tim Boyle/Bloomberg via Getty Images