Last week I gave you my list of the most annoying TV commercials out there right now. It got a good response so I thought I would turn it around and give you what I think are some of the best commercials currently being run.

1. Head and Shoulders--Lyin' Fool

This one is definitely a homer pick. Being a big time Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I love all the Troy Polamalu Head and Shoulders ads.  But this one is just too funny. I crack up every time when Jeff Levack's favorite player Hines Ward throws out his line.

2. Taco Bell--Brian Wilson is Black Ops

San Francisco Giants Pitcher Brian Wilson is nuttier than a fruitcake, but It's hard not to love this great Taco Bell spot.

3. Coors Light--Little Jim Mora

The coach who gave us the classic "Playoffs" line is back in a hilarious new commercial. The end of the ad is the icing on the cake.

4. State Farm--Casual Wednesdays

Any ad that uses a character from one of my favorite movies "Office Space" is great in my book.

5. E-Trade--Solitary

The line "Frowned upon in this establishment" is al you need to make this commerical great!

These are my favorites but there are a ton of other great ads out there, which one is your favorite!