I'm not going to quote Eddie Rabbit song lyrics, I promise.

The Albany Times Union had a story today about a Schenectady woman who was arrested for her 9th DWI, a felony many times over and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. After the first 8 I think we would not expect her to be licensed.

Heather Higgins is her name and she is 52. She won't be saving 15% on her auto insurance with a quick call to Geico.

I did some  "beer math" to figure out what that really eqautes to.

First we need to take into account that the legal drinking age in New York is 21 years old.  Being 52 years old, that means she has been able to drink legally for 31 years. Are you following this?

That means she was averaging a DWI every 3.444 years. WOW!

I wouldn't let this person drive a golf ball!

I think it is time for this person to get some much deserved time at the "gray bar hotel" also know as prison.

Here's the whole story from the Albany Times Union.