As part of our stop in Schuylerville on the Small Town Tour, I swung by Schuylerville Elementary and we put together a song all about their hometown. Ms. Penniman's class was a lot of fun - and they did a great job with the song too! Check it out!

Schuylerville Rap

(c) 2012 Schuylerville Elementary and Richie Phillips. All Rights Reserved

Ms. Penniman's class

We go to school in Schuylerville

The monument is on the hill

The Black Horses have lots of skill

They are the team that really kills

The apples here are really good

They taste just like apples should you may have heard this before

It's the turning point in the Revolutionary war

You should come because nothing is finer

Then eating here at Mack's Diner

We hope next year our rooms are cool

When we go to the middle school… ...Horses!!!!