This week has been declared “Surrender Week in Schuylerville.

Even if you’re not into history, this might be a cool thing to check out, since is part of our past, and it happened right here in the Albany and Saratoga areas.

During the Revolutionary War, On October 17, 1777, the British Army surrendered in the area known as Stillwater.  This is the 234th anniversary of the American victory over the British, which helped us gain our independence from the Redcoats.

“Surrender Week” is being remembered in Schuylerville and some of the surrounding communities. Some of the events include a guided tour, tonight, of the wooded area where it was the final encampment of the British and on Monday October 17 in Schuylerville, a commemoration in honor of the surrender anniversary.

Just a little more information on the actual history, The British laid down their weapons along the Hudson River, on the west bank. This sounds like something that would be pretty cool to bring the kids to. Do you have a part of American history that you find interesting?