May 1 is School Principal's Day. Do you have any good or bad memories of your principal?

To no one's surprise, I was well behaved in school, the music nerd who did all of his work and followed the rules of every teacher.  However, when my senior year rolled along I guess I was tired of behaving. One day my friend Teresa and I decided that we were going to a local establishment, Jack's Place, for lunch because we didn't like what was on the school menu. The first part of our plan worked fine.  We cautiously slipped out at lunchtime, ate at Jack's Place and then returned to school before the start of the next period.  The only problem: the high school principal was looking out a window when we arrived back on school property.

As we quietly tried to sneak back in the building, a window opened from the second floor, with a loud sharp voice screaming 'Kevin and Teresa, in my office NOW!' It was like a scene from a movie, where the kids typically get busted. Principal Berger had nailed us.  I think she was more in shock than we were of our mischievous crime, since we had no history of trouble making in the past.

I can still see the surprised look of teachers and secretaries when they learned that Teresa and Kevin were suspended.  Ironically, Teresa is now a teacher and yours truly is a good-hearted radio host. So, hats off to Principal Berger for doing her job and a little reminder that if your child misbehaves once in a while, they could still turn out alright in the end.

Do you have any good or bad memories of your school principal?  Please share them in the comment box below.