Today is the day when we the public have to vote on our respective school budget plans in New York Sate. I'm not sure how many people actually exercise their voice when it comes to school budget elections but just like any general election you should let your voice be heard. The truth of the matter is that these budgets almost always pass in fact they passed to the tune of 99 % last year, and on average should only be increasing there budgets by about 2.2 % this year.

According to an article by News 10 ABC A few local school districts however have budgets that go over the cap this year and will require a little extra support from their communities to get their budgets passed. These districts include, Mechanicville, Gloversville, Fort Edward and Northville. They will need to get a 60 percent majority to get approval.

I guess I fall under the whole "The children are our future " mentality. I am not sure why I would not vote yes on the education of our youth. I imagine most feel the same, unless the school district has been wholly irresponsible in the past with spending and costs we normally support them.

NO matter how you feel , get out and vote, most of the polls will be open until 8:00 pm tonight.