Last year, after Hurricane Irene devastated the Albany area, I took my Reading, Writing & Rhyming program to Schoharie Elementary to write a song with the kids about strength and rebuilding their mostly destroyed community.

This year when we returned to the school, we wanted to redo the song as "We Have Rebuilt" but the kids had a different idea - they wanted to celebrate the victories the community has seen in rebuilding and they wanted to capture the optimism. So be it. And it is awesome - they are proud that they won't give up until it's rebuilt.

We Rebuilt Schoharie Final (right click and save to download)

We Have Rebuilt Schoharie”

words and music (c) 2012 Richie Phillips and Schoharie Elementary

All Rights Reserved

We have rebuilt Schoharie

and here’s what we’ve done so far

Little Italy, the 2 Cafes,

“Country” and “Blue Star”

We’ve made it through the floods, the hurricanes

we’ve come very far

We have rebuilt Schoharie

And here’s more things we’ve done

Stewarts, the “Dugout”, the little league field

They are all brand new

The Mobil, the “Parrot House”, the NBT Bank

and here’s some people we should thank

The National Guard

The Volunteers

The Fire Department, they all came here

The National Grid, and GE

They helped fix the electricity

FEMA brought the trailers so we can live

So here’s the thanks that we should give

We have rebuilt Schoharie

and we won’t give up until the end!!!