We all know the history of Schenectady.  We all know the influence that G.E. has had on this area, hence the term "The Electric City".  Well it's becoming electric in every sense of the word, from what I've been reading!

This could become a very long blog, so I' ll mention just a FEW things going on with links if you'd like to read further.

1.  They're filming a movie here!   According to the Wall Street Journal Online it's going to be called "The Place Beyond the Pines,"

The story of a motorcycle racer who moonlights as a bank robber to support his newborn son, will be directed by Derek Cianfrance, who teamed up with Gosling in last year's "Blue Valentine."  It will star Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.  If you'd like to be an extra,     they'll be an open casting call in early June.  You can find out more from FoxNews.com

2.  17th Annual Kids Arts Festival on Saturday, June 4th from noon to 4 pm, featuring the Zucchini Brothers!  Here's a sample:

That's just PART of the fun.  Lots of local artists there ,  Circus star Steve Gratto, and music with MC, Keyboardist,  DJ (and long time fellow piano bar pal) Mike Purcell on the State and Jay Stage.   There's more information along with a schedule on the Proctors Theatre website.

Between all this and the restaurants and the great movie theatre downtown, you can say that Schenectady is Electric alright.  And parking is fantastic, and FREE in the municipal parking garage for most events.

So either become part of film history, or part of your child's creativity.  It's all in Schenectady!