A Schenectady man is going to jail for a year because he kept beating a dog. The pooch was a Great Dane.

43-year-old Michael Perillo had his day in court for animal abuse. He was guilty of punching and neglecting his dog, named "Oliver". Another thing Perillo did was not let "Oliver" have any food or water, and put duct tape over the dog's mouth.

Back in March, When people from the Schenectady County Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty Of Animals found "Oliver,"he had an eye swollen shut, several cuts and bruises and a bloody mouth.

In a story from the Times Union, "Oliver" slowly recovered at the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society in Menands before he was adopted by Pack Ethic Rescue, a local 25-acre animal rehabilitation center.

I did a story the other day about some kittens and the mother cat that were found in a dumpster in Nassau, but in this story, the person got arrested. I know the dog will now be treated much better. I hope you're as happy as I am about this guy getting arrested for what he did.