Update at 3:35 p.m. - There has been an arrest for at least the two fires in Schenectady on Memorial Day.

According to our friends at News 10 ABC, a 15-year-old has been arrested. this is in conjunction with the Schenectady Police and Fire Departments. The identity of the teenager is being witheld because of age. The youth has been charged with two counts of fourth degree arson, which is a Class E felony.


Over the last month, there have been several vacant buildings set on fire in Schenectady.

On Monday, two more have been added to the growing list. One was at 946 State Street, and a few minutes later, firefighters were called to 738 Albany Street, just a few blocks away. In a story that I read in the Times Union, these two buildings had fires previously reported. The State Street structure has already been torn down. One man that was questioned after the fire on State Street, but he was released. All of the fires are labeled as suspicious.

There has now been a $500 reward issued by the Schenectady Fire Department for the information leading to the arrest of who is setting the fires. Posters are being put up all over the city.