You know him, you love him.  In my eyes he's THE Voice from NBC's THE VOICE.  The judges seemed to be bowled over by him, and of course he's a local favorite.  He's already making some public appearances locally.  Here's one of them

You can go see Sawyer in an upcoming parade this coming Wednesday, May 6th  which will end at the Fonda Speedway.  According to the Times Union:

Sawyer Fredericks Getty Images

There will be a three-quarter mile parade route, which includes police and fire vehicles, will bring Fredericks to the speedway starting near the state Thruway interchange. Gates will open at the speedway at least an hour before the rally.

For information about the Fonda event, call 853-4304.


Sawyer, from one of my favorite towns, Fultonville is in the finals.  You can watch him on Monday nite.  Good luck to him!