For locals that have been a around a while we can remember when the Great Escape used to be Storytown. There are urban legends that have been whispered around for years that Walt Disney himself visited Storytown and it spurred his idea for Disneyworld. To my knowledge that has never been substantiated. If you know different, let us know. I remember going to Storytown as a kid and getting my picture take by the famous Pink Whale. It was a landmark and a place where families always agreed to meet at the end of the day at the park. I know that the folks at SIx Flags have got to have these old treasures of the Storytown days in storage somewhere and if they do, I would love to see them bring back the Pink Whale for us for the Summer. We have a Facebook page here that we want you to like to Save The Pink Whale. If we can get 5,000 likes we will contact the folks at the Great Escape and see if they will bring back the Pink Whale for us. Please share the page with your friends so we can really pile on the likes! We can make this happen in 'GNA Country.