A 27-year-old Saratoga Springs man is in trouble withe the law, after he allegedly had a little mishap with his pickup truck on Thursday afternoon.


The mishap also involved a police car. The truck was spotted, being driven erratically. That’s when a Saratoga Springs Police officer started to follow him and tried to pull him over.

The driver, Orlando Boni was accused of ignoring the police car that was chasing him. Boni’s chase came to a stop at an intersection, but then something else happened. Boni allegedly drove his truck over part of the police car  that was in his way, and trying to keep him blocked. Boni then drove into a snow bank, got out of the truck and left it there. Shortly after that, he was arrested.

According to the article in the Times Union, Boni ended up with a laundry list of charges including DWI, Attempted Assault Of A Police Officer and many others.