All the person taking this video could be heard saying was "Oh My God..Oh My God!". I'm not sure there was anything else you COULD say after watching this crash video from Asiana Airlines in San Francisco.

According to latest news reports from the Huffington Post, the pilot of this doomed aircraft, Lee Kang-Kook was making his first flight to San Francisco.  He was in TRAINING.  (Did anyone else notice that his last name is KOOK?)

Sorry about that!-  This is obviously no laughing matter, but I thought I'd get the jump on that before the late nite talk shows did.

There is an amazing video that was released on YouTube by Fred Hayes.  You can hear his shock and horror as he documents this in real time.  Here it is.

I'm sure much more will be revealed about this horrendous crash, and our condolences go out to all who were injured and the two who were unfortunately killed.