How much did it cost Amazon to be down for 45 minutes? Is it possible to watch two things on a TV at the same time? Plus what's your favorite app?  These are the things that keep me up at nite, so let's dig in, shall we?
A story from stated that was down for about 45 minutes in the United States and Canada the other day. Not a big deal, correct? Well, let's do a little math.
They lost $4.8 million in sales. That works out to be $120,000 per minute.  Oddly enough, Google also had an outage this week and lost $545,000 in five minutes.  And you think you're the only shopaholic?
Samsung always has very innovative products in my view. Well this might just take the cake. They have a new high DEF TV coming out which has unbelievable video, a curved screen, and is priced at $9000.  WHY?  Check this out!
They call it the "Marriage Saver".  Does this mean that I won't have to watch Duck Dynasty if I go into the family room?  I can watch Piers Morgan?  Cool!
                                                         Question of the week
Country Superstar Carrie Underwood revealed her favorite apps. She uses LIVESTRONG to count calories, According to USA Today.  Hey, I love Carrie just as much as the next guy, but who really cares what the stars do?  YOU'RE the stars around here.  We want to know what apps YOU use.
 Leave your favs in comment section. I would love to know because I am a true appaholic myself.
One of my favorites is PhotoFunia.  You can take a photo of something and make it look like it's plastered on the side of a building, on the cover of a magazine -  it's amazing .