If you missed Pet Connection today on the Sean and Richie Show, here is another chance for you to take a look at a couple of great pets up for adoption. Let's take a look at the pets featured today. Tune in every Thursday at 7:50am to hear the stories of two incredible (and adoptable!) pets.

"Ruby" - Pet Connection

Ruby - was surrendered with her four kittens. She is a 4 year old DSH with tiger markings. All her babies have been adopted and Ruby is patiently waiting for her forever home. She is quite a talker and she has a lot to say. If you are looking for a friend to carry on a conversation with,then Ruby is for you! Stop in and say hello.

"Tank" - Pet Connection

Tank –is a 2 ½ yr old Pitbull. He’s been at the shelter since February. He is a smart, strong boy who is quite the people-lover. As smart as he is, he has taught himself to climb and jump fences! So, it is important that he be supervised when outside. He would enjoy a nice obedience class to help him understand what is expected of well-behaved pets, in addition to what he has learned while at the shelter. And isn’t he simply GORGEOUS???!!!Sweet Tank is a beautiful boy who is patiently waiting for his forever home. I’ve met this guy and he is a super dog !

If you are interested in either of these wonderful pets please contact the Montgomery County SPCA at 842-8050.