In a never-ending attempt to write a theme song for each and every Capital Region town, I present to you the latest request.  A listener asked thru Facebook if I could write a little ditty about Rotterdam, NY.  She also included a few facts to get it started. Hey - we're here to please!


Thanks to Simone Forest Zalewski, I have something to at least get the first verse done.  Here are some of the bullet points:

.  Nice place to live (their slogan)

.  Not far from the WGNA studios - another strong plus!

. Plotterkill Reserve is close by.  (don't know what that is - need explanation!)

. Lots of stores and pizza places.

. Quick access to the Thruway

. Home of Casa Visco Sauce, Price Chopper and Curry Freeze.


This is good factual stuff.  Now if you folks can supply some funny things -quirky things - that would be great (like the pothole on "X" street that is so big it has it's own zipcode or something like that), I would be a happier camper.  I will also take more facts as well.  The more info the merrier.  If you have a song that you think would work to parody, I'll take that as well!  Please comment below.  Oh yea, and if someone knows the town supervisor or the mayor, have them write in as well.  We'll put them on the air!

The finished song will air NEXT Thursday on the Sean and Richie Show and will be repeated in a followup blog in case you miss it!   Ok.  Let the ideas flow.  GO!!

If you'd like to hear the  completed songs for TroyWatervlietCooperstown, or Grafton you can have at it!  Enjoy!