Heck, I can take a joke as well as the next person, but you can call me old school on this issue.  Putting on an Obama mask and mocking him at a taxpayer funded state fair?  Sorry.  Not funny.  What do YOU think?  Check out the video

This actually happened. At the Missouri State fair, a clown donned an Obama mask and ran out into the middle of the rodeo. The announcer then allegedly made disparaging remarks - even insinuating that the bull should run Obama down!  This according to a report at ABCnews.com.  Check this out -

How do you feel on this issue?  Do you think it was all done in fun, or do you feel that regardless of how you vote that the President should not be mocked like that?  I say the latter, hands down.  I am writing a parody about this and should have it on air tomorrow morning, cuz I ain't happy!  Let me know how YOU feel below.