How grate, I mean great of a story is this?  Two guys in Albany have been stealing storm grates and selling them for scrap?  HUH? 

This actually hit the Wall Street Journal's website.  According to the article, John Gulnick and David Kuehl have been arrested for the alleged crime.

They were ripping off the covers in Menands parking lots and in other local areas.  I don't know how they did it - the darn things weigh in excess of 150 pounds in some cases.  Do the math - a total of 8,000 pounds were ripped off.

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Here's a link to the story covered by News10 in Albany 

t gets crazier every day, doesnt it. BTW Let this be a lesson to everyone who is addicted to texting while walking, because……well, just think about it!!   Seriously- watch where you are walking (and driving!)