I know that everyone's excited about the i-Phone 5.  It might just be their biggest seller yet.  But these guys went a little too far with their enthusiasm.  You have to see this! 

Closed circuit cameras were there in an Apple store in California.  I'm sure they were very happy that they were working.  These dumb robbers got their 5 minutes of fame because of it (and probably a hell of alot of jailtime too.)  You can read the whole article here from the Telegraph.co.uk.

Here's the video via YouTube

Now i must say, I dream of being rich enough to grab all of those gadgets, but I would be prepared to pay for them!  It just amazes me that thieves think in their warped little brains that they will get away with something like this free and clear, never to be caught.

If Apple is advanced enough to create the technology that they have, don't you think that they would have advanced security measures as well?  Duhhhh!   Robbers-  here's your sign.