Bethany challenged me, and Lord knows, I love a good musical challenge (but not at 6 a.m.!). Nevertheless, I took her up on it. She wanted me to write a parody of this hot country hit by Luke Bryan, so I said I would give it a shot. Lyrics are included.

In case you live way under a rock and have never heard this song, here's the original (from his Today Show appearance:

And now here's my version (I don't live as exciting a life as Luke, as you will be able to tell by the lyrics):


        My Early Kind Of Nite
© 2013 New Lyrics Richie Phillips
   All Rights Reserved
  Song is a Parody of "That's My Kind Of Nite", by Luke Bryan
I hope to God it ain't a reall long  trip
in the  car with a pain in my left hip
bring the motrin along
I hope that stuff is strong
let me tell you it would not look great
Using a corolla to tailgate
we won't do that I'm sure
we'll be at the Sams Club Store
At nite the  younger folks go to the clubs and that is no crime
the buffet place is our idea of a good time
salad bar will make you thinner but to me the fried clams are a winner
Go home and pour myself a sprite
piers morgan then turn out the light
Yeah, that’s my kind of night!
by 8:30 I'm dead
jump into my sleep number bed
yea that's my kind of nite