Well, it looks like we avoided a major catastrophe.  We made a last minute U-Turn and took a detour from financial disaster.  But you know my old saying - "one man's catastrophe is another's rhyming opportunity" - so I present to you a little bedtime poem.

'Twas nite before Cliffmas and all through the "House"
All the members were present even Boehner, that louse
A stack of proposals on desks everywhere
Each guy returning a vacant blank stare
While down at the senate- much of the same
Here's the direction to place all the blame
The public was nervous we can't go to bed
With 1040 forms spinning in our heads
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Boehner says throw it in Harry Reed's lap
A political football that Harry throws back
When at the house door there was such a clatter
Send an intern out to see what's the matter
There was somebody outside except he was hidin
With a real bad combover.  It must be Joe Biden
Maybe Joe knows the answers maybe he could help out
Yea sure-- til the second opens his mouth
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On Boehner!  On McConnell!, on Biden! and Obama!
Don't anyone take  Medicare from my mama
This political wrangling brings you enjoyment?
You guys are the ones who should face unemployment.......
They laughed and they snickered, there's no way to win it
 once again waiting until the last minute
And I heard them exclaim at the clock struck midnite
Happy New Year, 1 percenters, and to you a tax hike