I know this one is a little "deep" and inside humor.  Hopefully you've been following the news on the resignation of New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver over recent allegations.  Big surprise that, for better or worse, I would try to make it all rhyme.

This will be one very, very long blog if I have to sum up all of the details of this case.  I will refer you to the New York Daily News article, a New York Post article, and Wikipedia.  Suffice it to say that it is another sad day in NY politics, but in the spirit of Mark Russell and other political satirists, I wanted to give this one the old college try.

This is a parody of one of my favorite Beatle tunes of all time - "Maxwell's Silver Hammer".  It was never a radio hit, but I did a test market on Facebook asking if people remembered it.  I got answers like "duhhhhhh" and "Abbey Road, Cut 3, Side 1".   So, yes, it did ring a bell.

Here's my parody.  I will preface this again by saying that these are allegations only and nothing's been proven.  I'm just rhyming what I read in the articles above!


Cuomo's miserable, yet another criminal
We all know the drill
Fingers in the till
Stealing lots of dough oh oh oh
The head of the Assembly
His hands are very trembly
Big talk of the town
Caught with his pants down
Guess it's time to go oooooooo
Ask New Yorkers  "What do you think?"
I bet here's what they'll say...
Let's throw Silver in the Slammer
If they prove what he did
Let's throw Sheldon in the slammer
For taking all that bread
So uncool my friend
We've been played the fool again
Voters are annoyed
Tactics he employed
They are so obscene ene ene
Here's the chronology
It involves oncology
Real tough to keep track
Millions in kickbacks
And jobs that were no showwww
Andy's a magician, that is quite clear
He made the Moreland Commission disappear
Sheldon could go to the slammer
It's not what he'd expect
He'll sure hate his new roomate

if Skelos gets it next

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