There are some tough people in this little Schoharie County town.  They've withstood flooding, high winds and unspeakable losses, but they're still standing!  I thought you folks needed a little reprieve, so I wrote you a song (free of charge).  That's what we do here! 

First, an apology.  Once again, I finished a song that nearly ran two minutes and didn't even approach cramming in all the information that was sent me.  I might have to write a second version.

I went with a parody of  "Meet In The Middle" by Diamond Rio. (Middle? Middleburgh? See where we're going with this?)

I hope you enjoy it.  I had a great time locked in the studio writing this. (by the way, some photos included at the bottom)

                                                         Middleburgh Song 

written and sung by Richie Phillips

                                                It's in the county of Schoharie
Known for its charm
You aint taste  nothing
Til youve tried the berries from Borhingers farm
For years the kids in high school would pull a prank
Just for laughs
They'd move the old town's cannon
Onto the Middleburgh High School's grass
( bet that tradition didn't last!)
If you're going hiking, pack tissues with your clothes
When you climb up the mountain, you can wipe Voorman's nose
he town's had some flooding
It's news Im sure you've heard
they've had it rough and you've gotta be tough
When you live in Middleburgh
Ever heard of Nicole Sullivan from SNL and Mad TV
She's the daughter of Edward Sullivan who worked in the Assembly
They're both former residents
I guess they're no longer around
but the Fire Department surely is
they're the heroes of this town
Always there to lend a hand
wading through the mud
great neighbors in Middleburgh
They'll clean up the flood
It's just one more obstacle
But they won't be deterred
things are  rough and you've gotta be tough
When you live in Middleburgh
Repeat chorous
I dedicate this to all the flood victims.  Check out these shots!!
photo by Jenna Simeon
photo by Jenna Simeon