Hey - what other song could you POSSIBLY use to parody?  Yes, I know it's an "oldie but goodie", but so was the woman who was asked to leave a Missouri water park for baring too much skin with her skinny bikini.  It's creating quite a stir on the world wide web of misinformation

Call this "Misery in Missouri"  Her name is Madelyn Sheaffer and she's 42 years old. According to ABC News.com I guess she was ejected from a water park in Missouri for causing the other swimmers "misery" by exposing a bit too much.

Well, I had to do this folks, because it was there.  I wrote this hurredly in between commercials.  I took some liberties with the story, as you will be able to tell

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                                                           Hastily Written Lyrics 

Parody of "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Bikini"

                                          Lyrics © Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved


She's not ashamed to lay out by the water

though you'd think she was wearing no clothes

yes but lately gave her an order

they said remove her…. she's over exposed
2-3-4 parts are drooping on the shore
She wore an really skimpy teeny weeny
non existent string bikini
that she bought with a coupon last spring
not only was she real obseneyy
wearing that small string bikini
she had a tattoo and belly button ring
stay away from the public
says the lifeguard with a sigh
cuz not only is she 60
but we found out she was a guy

Again, a fictional account.   What say YOU about this?  What age do YOU think is too late to show too much?   Leave your comments here!