Here you go, Hudson. This was written under great duress, but somehow it came out of my head and my mouth OK.  I hope you like it (and apologies to the late John Denver for the use of his song "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" 

This was a lot of fun.  Thanks to the following Facebook folks for giving me some good info…

 Bonnie Davis
Sandra Peragine
Christine Dauphinais
Tina Butterworth
Diane Colletti
Mark Pierre
Mary  Marx
Tom Elliott

And now ---- drumroll --- on to the song!   Lyrics are under the video.


I was asked to write a song
So the balls in my court t
About a town that was once a major port
Warren Strrt. Known for its art
Thank god I'm a Hudson Boy
Back in 1785
Something of note
 would have been the state capital except for one vote
back then they even had whaling boats
Thank god I'm a Hudson boy
It's got antique shops, places to eat
George and son serves food that is sweet
 high school teams that can't be beat
Thank God I'm Hudson boy
There were places to gamble Yep that's right,
 diamond Street I heard was outta site
Ohhhh hello there ladies of the night
Thank God it was a Hudson boy
This Year there was something that was really really cute,
Runners dressed in superhero suits,
At Columbia Greene you don't need a lot of loot,
To be a Harvard on the Hudson boy
They have a Flag Day parade, it's their patriotic mission,
I have a hair salon there and it's name is visions,
And hear something handy – place to go to prison, thank God I'm a Hudson boy
so I'm done with the song there's more that I can do
but I got a sign from my producer that says your through
I guess I am - so here's to you!
Thank God I'm A Hudson Boy   -- Yeeeeehaaa!!
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