When I’m not writing articles myself, I’m usually on wgna.com checking out my morning show colleagues’ writings (not out of jealousy, mind you. Just out of curiosity) I have hand picked for you my top 5 of the week-and yes, one of them is mine due to eternally shameless self promotion.

  • Andrea's Coupon Deals

    This is another joint acknowledgement. Sean must have convinced his lovely wife Andrea to become the coupon lady. Ive never heard her on the air before. i always thought she was too bashful. HELL NO! She's great on the air, and to include this blog every week is a super idea

    Andrea McMaster
  • Captain America & A Hidden Trailer

    I always marvel at Levack's encyclopedic knowledge of movies in general, and sci fi ones in specific. You can't stump the guy, I swear. So i like reading his coverage of the latest flicks, ie: Captain America. I'm not a big sci-fi fan but he's very convincing with his blogs

    Paramount Pictures
  • Casey Talks Saratoga

    Casey can barely have a conversation without the word "horse" in it. That's not a "diss". i like her passion for her hobby, and I like her coverage of Saratoga because of it.

    Matthew Stockman, Getty Images
  • Richie's iPhone 5 Article

    My favorite of my own blogs this week is this guy camping out of the Apple store. It's so interesting to see how someone can parlay an idea that everyone probably thinks is stupid into a media event. To quote a country song " WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT"?

  • Pet Connection

    I'm sure you're like me. i have a soft spot for a cute dog's face. i think it's great that we post Steve Caporrizo's adoptable dogs. So I guess Sean AND Steve can share this standing ovation for a great post. Yeyyyyyyyy!

    Pet Connection